Sunday Night Football

I’m not a sportswriter. I’ve never played football either, be it tag, high school or college. I’m an armchair football participant. But please… don’t judge me just yet. There are millions of us out there passionate about the game, our teams-passionate about our players. And what’s more, passionate about gathering together for the biggest game of the year: The Super Bowl.

For those who can’t understand football or why I don’t like missing a game, let me use this analogy:  it affects all five senses- touch, taste, smell  sight and sound. The way we used to experience it when the family was together went like this:  from the time my boys walked through the front door with a big hug and “Hi Mom, ready for the game? smells good in here!” to the couples and friends who followed with platters of food or a great bottle of wine to the Yeah! Woohoo! and high fives at every touchdown. I can taste those chili cheese balls as I write this. But more than all that just being in a house filled with my family and friends doing something we all love to do.

When these elements are missing I feel like a widow. A football widow. Because I’m for sure sitting here in front of my flatscreen with my cheese balls eyes glued to the game. But I’m flying solo.  Why are the other elements missing? I’ll explain that later….time to watch the game.


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