Today is Thanksgiving. Lots of football. Lots of Food. Lots of family’s gathered for all three.

I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade as I do most every year. I got a text from my son and we asked each other what was going on. His reply: “I’m at my buddy’s house with his mother. Gonna have turkey with them. What are you planning?” I replied, not planning anything. Spending the day missing you and your brother.” I hesitate to say anything about his brother because they’ve been estranged for two years now.

So, this time of year is painful in more ways than one. I just moved to a new town and don’t know alot of people. I want to be with friends and family. I used to prepare a huge bird with the most delicious stuffing and all the trimmings. But I’m stuck. Not knowing how to embrace what I see on social media where everyone appears to be having a great time (when likely some are experiencing what I am). Social media is there to let us believe that everyone is happy and enjoying every aspect of their life. No one posts: I’m having a crappy day because I’m alone and I miss my family. No! It’s all deceptive because I am more than sure that there are thousands of people in this state and in every state never mind the world, who are suffering and isolated, even imprisoned who can’t be with their family’s on turkey day. 

So here it is-my oldest son is in prison. He is the Bronco’s fan. He is the one reason I have always loved football. He is funny, entertaining and lovable. But I can’t reach him or spend the day with him either because he is serving time behind bars eight hours away. At least he can watch the game on his 8″ t.v. in his cell. And maybe they’ll serve a slice of turkey and a piece of pumpkin pie in the chow hall. But he’ll scarf it down as fast as he can because as he told me recently, the chow hall is the most stressful of all places to be in prison.


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