Defining “Small Town”

The first post I made about my small town left out what qualifies it as a small town.
Let me briefly just say that having lived in cities with a population minimum of 70,000, the town I live in now is 4,000. In order to get to a Starbuck’s or Peet’s, even a cafe or restaurant that serves freshly made food by a Chef, I have to drive thirty minutes. The closest thing to a cafe is a family bakery that serves coffee resembling tea and has no wi-fi. The ambience inside consists of worn carpet and linoleum floors. The walls are 70’s floral gold and green. And thank God for the smoking ban because the shop owners are all smokers who take turns standing out in front of their shops. I won’t even talk about clothing stores or the lack thereof. My only saving grace is the library. They are friendly, even chatty. And If I want I can turn my earplugs off and get all the gossip I want from them. Now you get the picture!


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