Weather Wimp

As a recent transplant from California (where, by the way, I was spoiled with the weather) I have prepared myself for the normal cold weather temps I knew I’d face here in southcoast Oregon. Double lined quilted coat, Uggs for my feet, fleece lined gloves and a wool hat and scarf have been at the ready. Checking the weather forecast, snow was expected yesterday and today. Now, I live twenty miles from the coast. According to the locals, snow is highly unusual at the seashore. So I felt pretty confident that I could get my walk in without dealing with slippery stuff. Besides, weather forecasters are usually wrong. Not this time. I headed out the door for my walk, which quickly turned into a run and back in the house I went.

I used Plan B. That was to drive cozy and warm toward the city. The mall is warm, so is the bookstore, I could get some shopping done. Not more than 10 minutes into my drive it began to sleet heavily. The windshield wipers nearly flew off while I watched the road turn white with snow. Now I realize this may sound silly to those in a winter wonderland who’ve lived there all their lives. But for me…well, let me just say the hail turned so fierce I could barely see.

I’m still a Californian-my driver’s license tells me so and my bones scream even louder that I need to go back. With a temperature of 15 degrees forecast for the coast tonight, I can only hope that the weather people are wrong by a longshot and I’m going to get myself some long johns and wool socks. As for driving in this stuff…….I’ll be staying out of the driver’s seat until the temp rises above 32.


4 thoughts on “Weather Wimp

  1. This was such a fun post – and it reminded me of when I was in western New York last November- it snowed every day (more than expected) and when I was driving my nephew home – he got into the car and laughed at me because I had the wheel gripped with two hands and was alert and ready – and he said, “oh, yeah, I forgot you’re not used to all this snow…” and he was correct – I was not!!!

    anyhow, I like the term weather wimp…

    • Thanks Y.Prior 🙂
      I like it when one post read leads to another’s memory of something fun.
      Being in California my entire life up to a year ago-makes me a spoiled brat! Although on sunny days up here I’m getting used to it.

      • hi – well also keep in mind that sometimes when we move and leave our comfort zone it can be one of the best things to happen to us – of course I see this in hind sight, but each of our moves were truly God appointments – 🙂 and keep that in mind now as you adjust to any displacement – (living in that small town…. ***and this is when we hear John Cougar M. singing that part… lol)

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