Just Me and My Kayak

Just Me and My Kayak

Ahhh! Sausalito Harbor. How I miss the San Francisco Bay. Sausalito is just one reason. This photo I shot during the annual Art festival held in Marinship Park on Labor Day.
This is a huge art festival with a music venue not to be missed. While I am an art lover and I cannot imagine a day without music, this particular day I cut the festival short and then spent the rest of the day absorbing the sounds and sights of the bay itself. The seabirds with their constant squawking overhead-the water lapping up against the boats at the dock, the red kayak gliding in solitude over those blue-green waters.
Pictures. They are more important to me now than ever. And this one, when I look at it long enough, I realize I am the Kayaker at one with the sea.


One thought on “Just Me and My Kayak

  1. That’s a beautiful shot. I love San Francisco although I have only been once. I was born in San Diego but left at 3 mos. I was almost obsessed with going to California most of my life. When I got there at the age of 37 it was like being home. Would love to live in SF but couldn’t afford it. It’s just so bright and fresh to me. I love to kayak also!

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