Post Superbowl Commentary

Our family never hailed from Denver or Colorado but we might as well have, for we were all the biggest fans starting with John Elway as QB. This year only two of us were able to be in the same room together but we were all watching -confident of the outcome. But as we headed toward the end of the 2nd quarter with nothing on our scoreboard and double digits on Seahawks, that moment became surreal for us. There is more than one answer. Something died and it felt like it was their spirit. Something took their focus for them to play as they did. For it seemed as though they gave up. Yet, how could that be? This team is built for giving up. This team was affected by something and we may never know what that something was.

However, we pick ourselves up on the fact that Seattle took nothing away from The Bronco’s for the hard training and fair playing they turned in to make them Champions. Same goes for Peyton Manning. For what this man did on a personal level to keep his integrity, his courage and overcome the pain and suffering of all the neck surgeries, the other challenges mentally from being let go of by the Colts…to then earn MVP well, I think if we all take a deep breath and realize it’s the quality of the year and not the quantity of the moment-we can look forward to next years Superbowl.


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