Yellow for Friendship and Spring!

Yellow for Friendship and Spring!

Today the sun was telling me to get outside after breakfast and do some weeding in order to make way for the stunning array of color that will soon burst forth in the garden. I could already see little baby violets peeking out. Miniature bouquets on my windowsill are a treat to look forward to. I was also happy to transplant some rhizomes from one side of a fully stocked bed to a rather empty area and noticed a plethora of nasturtiam growing right before my eyes. They are coming up early and fast (They are so good in salad -adding a peppery flavor). The hydrangeas are summers joy here in Oregon and I trimmed two back last week with three more to go.
The Ranunculus and lobelia were part of my California garden and I hope the new homeowner’s are enjoying them- or will be soon. For me, the contrasts of the tiny deep blue of lobelia against the deep cadmium yellow brought unceasing pleasure each day I walked by them. I have since found my favorite of favorites (if there can be such a thing) and it is the palest of pink nearly transparent petals. And deep down with each petal joins with the others, the pink is seemingly lit up with a tinted yellow orange. I tried to uploaded this picture from Getty’s images but again…I am not able to? If you decided to check out the link…/ranunculus-stock/ – be prepared to swoon if you have time to look at “Stone” the name of this one. ref#165478074 under Ranunculus.

Spring is here! I have so many ideas. Will I have time to write? Will you? What are you looking forward to in Spring besides the weather?


9 thoughts on “Yellow for Friendship and Spring!

  1. Gosh – it is so funny the timing of your post because I was in the yard today for the first time in 2014!!! My husband put down fertilizer and I moved some things around – picked at a few things – but took lots of mental notes of what I need to do over the next few weeks –

    and whew – when you wrote: “Spring is here! I have so many ideas. Will I have time to write?” – ha ha – well these were almost my thoughts – instead – I just thought, “spring is here – and with so much to do – I may go to post-a-week instead of a post-a-day” lol.

  2. and one more thing – I did look up the pink Ranunculus – and they truly are gorgeous – I can see why they are your fav (and I also love the yellow flower you have in this post).
    anyhow, your link to the getty image does not work – and just to offer a tip – I would stay away from anything Getty.
    Find your photos from other sources! Getty images are not share friendly. So just view from there – and then go elsewhere when you want to “credit and share online photos” – there are much more friendlier sites – with just as nice of images! πŸ™‚

    • So fun when thoughts align!

      I so appreciate your tip re Getty image not woeking. That was my first time trying to link and I needed to know if it worked or not. I will keep that in mind for future links and please tell me when something I do link to … didn’t work. Eventually I’ll get the hang of it. πŸ™‚

      • de nada πŸ™‚
        and I am still getting the hang of so much in my wordpress dashboard as well – I came from blogger and things are much different – but little by little, right?

  3. Honestly, the thing I’m looking forward to most in Spring is going on walks again! I love being outside, but I’m so miserable in the cold that I can’t go for walks at all during the Winter. Slow, leisurely strolls are so good for my writing spirit. I can sort out a plot point or plan a dramatic scene so much more effectively wandering through a park than swiveling in my desk chair.

    Oh, and I’m also looking forward to sundresses.

    And hammocks.

    And pretty much everything πŸ™‚

    • I am right there with you Olivia! I was born to live in a climate closer to the equator and in fact 10 years ago a doctor told me to move in that direction if at all possible. I am still considering it because the dampness of the Pacific Northwest, as beautiful as it is, just thrashes my body not to mention it can dampen the spirit. Oh for a sundresse, a hammock and a few more:
      bonfires on the beach, swimming in warm waters and plein air painting!

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