River Hound

Sunni-girl and her favorite of all playgrounds. This shot of her depicts contentment not to mention the fact that she has learned to pose for the camera.

At home I am plagued all morning by her following me all over the house in anticipation of going for a car ride to her favorite place. If I appear to be settling down even for a minute, she strikes a pose and stares at me as if to say, I thought we were going? I’m not a fan of the stare so I usually get up and if possible, start the process of getting ready. I have a list of things to do, she has a list of things to smell. 🙂  Into the car we go and the tail is wagging with delight. As we drive, her eyes dart back and forth to see where we are going to stop.  Making a left turn at the intersection I drive a short distance past the Winter Lakes logging company. Hundreds of logs are floating on one side of the road,covering the water completely. This  is the busy season for processing them. (more on this old logging town in another post). The right turn I take next, is the one where Sunni spots the park. She begins to squeal like a little pig!  (I think she’s afraid I’ll pass right by it like I do sometimes.) Her body language and her face are now lit up. I park on the side where the boats dock but there are no boats today. We are good to go. I barely get the door opened and she is off and running. Her tongue is completely hanging to the side of her jowls and she is smiling full and wide as she prances like a filly who just discovered grass.

And the river? As I am walking  her toward the dock her nose goes down to smell the brackish green water running out to sea and I have to get firm with her-No! You can’t get in the water today. Her look up at me is somewhere between resigned and Aww…please just this once? She’s ready to jump in and oh does she love the water.

Last summer I took her to a river where she could get in and swim. She is so entertaining. She makes a move, sort of like a breast stroke, up and down all the while creating big bubbles ahead of her. She then eats the bubbles and bobbing her head up and down breaks all the bubbles with her mouth. This goes on and on until I have to finally call her back because she is chomping her way right down the river and away from me. You’d have to see it to appreciate it.

I am so blessed to have her -she is by far, THE most precious dog I have ever had.  Around town, people stop to talk to her and the first thing they say to me is: “She’s so happy.”  She definitely is. The next question they ask is usually, “What kind of dog is she?” And I say. A River-hound. Just a good old river hound.

***Unfortunetely, all of my attempts to load a picture of the river with her in it have failed. The pics are on my phone -W app is not working for some reason.



2 thoughts on “River Hound

  1. well if the pictures need up loading, I would love to see one of the awesome “river hound” – O.o

    hope you are having a nice weekend…. 🙂

    • Check out my twitter handle…you see her plenty. The photos from my phone have no problem with uploads toTwitter. ..
      but refuse to upload to wordpress. It’s an embarrassment really.
      theartofb3 (twitter)

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