Multnomah Falls

2014-04-22 22.46.41

We thrilled to get out of the car and see these up close. It was a good time to go as they were full. It felt awe inspiring just to be near them.2014-04-25 19.07.472014-04-25 19.10.35


611 foot drop, these stunning falls can be seen right from the highway and we did pass them on the way to Pendleton, promising to stop on our way home. It was worth it – delaying an hour on the trip home.

Highway 84 east of Portland,  Oregon follows the Columbia Gorge and the Hood River. Just one of the incredible day trips from Coos Bay to Pendleton.


2 thoughts on “Multnomah Falls

  1. Hi Olivia.
    Yes…I agree. It felt like a cleansing of all the built up stress and pain. I wanted to climb to the top but I was just appreciative of standing at the bottom taking it in.

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