It’s Time to Wake Up!

Today will mark my first day back after dealing with a terrible depression. Most of us have writer’s block from time to time and that is what I thought I was experiencing. Now, after nearly a month away from what had formerly consumed every fiber of my being (my blog and the blogs of friends) I know that it wasn’t writer’s block.

I had been nominated for an award by Olivia and I so wanted to accept this with all the fun that went along with it by answering the questions and nominating other bloggers who deserved the Liebster. But it wasn’t happening. Every time I sat down in front of my computer to post, I was blank. So I kept asking myself why. Why didn’t I care to finish the requirements of the Award I was nominated for? What about all the bloggers I had been reading that could be having a part in this. What about my readers? 

I was struggling with other areas of my life. My health and family. I couldn’t  focus. I couldn’t pretend all was alright. So today I am willing to explore this in my blog. I need to. Where I’ve been the last three plus weeks doesn’t matter now. The ‘Whys’ don’t matter now. What matters is that I am writing again. I am reading again. I am alive again. Without those things, I might as well be asleep.

And today I’m asking myself—What really matters?. What matters is that I get back to writing. What matters is that I do whatever it takes to get back on track. And one very important thing that matters is who am I writing for? We write because we want to be read. But when we – when I – write, I am writing for myself. I have to write. It is a necessary part of how my brain functions and without that, I begin to decompose. So the most important thing I can reveal about myself is not found in an Award (although I still want to complete the Liebster). And the most intriguing thing about me is not always positive. Depression can be negative. But I won’t shy away from writing about it if that’s all there is to write about that week. Hopefully you’ll identify with my weaknesses as much as my strengths.


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Wake Up!

  1. welcome back sweet friend – and we all have different ways of coping and adjusting to the ups and downs that come our way – and I say if you do not feel like blogging (or writing) then just don’t write. And if you do – then do.

    And for me, as you know a bit about – well I had to play detective for what was afflicting me after my trip to Florida – and during that trial – I found that blogging was refreshing – and so I posted – while staying true to what I wanted to do (or not do). So let us all remember that people are just different and we need to celebrate our wiring….

    Anyhow, sorry to hear about your health and I send warm thoughts your way ❤

    Also, may the Lord give you continued strength, focus, renewed joy, and a sense of contentment that goes beyond circumstance. And may you still feel and experience the emotions that he gave us – while you also do what is right for you – and may we all enjoy His continued peace = which is a peace that passes all understanding = because it is in and through Him that we thrive.

    🙂 have a nice weekend –

  2. How well I can identify. I am happy you have found your way “back” to what makes you feel complete. I have become ever so much more connected to my writing-and-conversely, myself, since beginning my blog. It too many days pass without me writing SOMETHING, I become despondent, as though I am stifled. It is difficult to explain to my family, although they know I love to write. I wish you well for all that you have to work through, now and in future days. Do continue to express yourself. It helps others as well as yourself. Hugs.

  3. Dear Cheryl,
    How comforting to know that you have walked in these same shoes. I know for sure my writing is what gives me ground. It’s reassuring to have your support.
    Hugs back to you!

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