Pacific Northwest

Bio: I live in the beautiful state of Oregon. I recently moved to a small river town a short drive from the coast after living in Northern California nearly all of my life. Daily joys: The Bible...my morning coffee-ground fresh daily. Gardening and music. Of course, life along the coast is one of my favorite pastimes to explore. If I cannot get to the coast for a day, the sky is my fascination. With it's many varied cloud patterns by day and the spectacular sunsets at dusk it brings me humbly to my knees. I have a trusty companion. Her name is Sunni-girl. She is as close to the perfect housemate as one could get. I hope to share snippets of the above things in this blog- as well as the observations of life in a small town and how it is transforming me daily.

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Beachcomber – glad to have found your blog – I skimmed a few posts and really like the Black Friday one! ha! anyhow, looking forward to following your blog – have a nice day. ~y. (and I really like the comment on my blog – well said!!)

    • It’s great to find someone to read us and we them. As a new blogger-I’ve always written, just never blogged seriously until now.
      I’m glad you liked the Black Friday one. Oh that Gaudy picture. But it suited the way I was feeling.
      Anyway, thanks so much for your responses and for the follow. I was blocked out of my acct for a day and it about drove me crazy!

    • I’m always a bit unsure if my comments get through to those I reply to. Let me know now if they don’t please.
      Also., I am not sure wha t to do when I get a Spam note next to what I am thinking is a valid comment? But tonight it had an exclamation point! Have a great night.

      • Hello Y. What a nice surprise! I can use all the encouragement there is to give so I humbly accept your nomination and want you to know you have been a true support to me. One day…I’ll have my blog loaded with lots pictures to go along with Sunni-girl.
        Those of you who have connected with me…thank you. You’ve given me a sense of community here.
        Lastly, I enjoy reading so many of your posts. Keep it up.
        Thank you Y.Prior

  2. Interesting Blog beachcomber. I enjoy reading your writing. I am fairly new to the area about a year and a half to be exact. Move here from the East Coast and have simply fallen in love with the whole State of Oregon. I will be sharing many camping adventures this year. Feel free to take a peak every now and then. Billy

    • Hey Billy, Welcome to Oregon! My son is the east coast for a vacation right now and is due to head this way next week. I haven’t been east for many years but one day I hope to visit Maine where he has been for the last couple of weeks. I will be sure to check in on your camping adventures. In the meantime, keep up the good work on leaving smokes behind and on improving your health through exercise and eating. Always a good thing. Thanks so much for checkin’ out my blog. And more importantly, that you enjoyed it. There are so many talented writers on WordPress that its hard to fathom. Glad to have you aboard.

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